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We do NOT send any cookies or collect any information like visited sites, credentials of your browsing session. All the magic happens in your personal computer and browser.

Advisory on power and data consumption

Continuous CPU activity of ReelBot can cause extra noise and heating of your computer, tablet or smartphone. In battery powered mobile clients it can also cause excessive battery consumption. Application can also increase your data transfer amount and fees.

System Recommendations

AdReelBot runs basically on any computer or mobile device with modern web browser. Mozilla or Chromium based browsers, like for example Firefox or Chrome, recommended. For mobile applications minimum display size 4.6" with resolution 720x1280 (HD) is recommended for best user experience. For window, public place or outdoor application large display with proper brightness is recommended to ensure good visibility.

Licenses and acknowledgements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create, save and use my own playlist?

You can create and modify your own playlists either by using input form or specific playlist editor. Saving of the playlist is not supported in Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. Chrome, Firefox and Edge have been tested to work in Linux and Windows 7 or later.

You can create your own playlist also by using your favourite text editor. File must be a plain text file (.txt) in comma separated form including only one line with website adresses. No spaces, line breaks or any special characters are allowed. You can use "Save" button to save your current active list as a myadreel.txt on your own computer. In case the file already exist it will add a running number to filename automatically, for example myadreel(2).txt. In playlist editor you can choose the file to be saved on the name of your choice. In case the "Save" function doesn't work correctly with your browser, you can copy paste the playlist from message area and use your favourite text editor to save the file.

AdReelBot won't start?

AdReelBot is using Javascript. Please make sure that your browser has Javascript enabled.

Why my playlist is not able to load page?

Please make sure that your custom playlist has only one line and website addresses are separated with comma ',' and doesn't have any spaces or other special marks in between. Remove any http:// or https:// references of the addresses..

Why I can't save my custom playlist?

This feature is not supported in all browsers. The latest version of Chrome, Firefox or some other Chromium or Mozilla based browser is recommended.

Text is too small, I can't read it?

Please check and adjust the font size (and zoom level if available) settings in you mobile device (settings/display).

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